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I adore single hollyhocks; not the doubles that look like pom-poms. I especially like the creamy/greenish dusky old pink ones. At, possibly Hampton Court Flower Show last year,I asked a vendor of Hollyhocks for this colour and he explained that hollyhocks are very difficult to sell by colour, they get pollinated across the colours as far as I understand. BUT I heard that one can take cuttings that will 'come true'. Does anyone know about this, with instructions please.

Alina W

No idea about cuttings, but you can get a good range of single hollyhocks from seed, including a near-black.

Gary Hobson

I like the single hollyhocks. The bees prefer them too...

Single hollyhocks are not stocked in any garden centres anywhere near me.

I've grown all mine from seed from T&M. They offer a couple of different varieties of singles - both very pale, and mixed strong colours. They are easy to germinate, and seed sown now should have produced flowering plants by this time next year. (T&M also supply single varieties as plug plants).

I've never tried root cuttings. If you can, cut off a small piece of root with a sharp kitchen knife, pot it up, and give it some TLC.


Many thanks; will certainly try T&M.


I've got lots of the single ones, in shades of deep pink, red and every shade through to deep burgundy. If you want any seeds I can save some for you. I've grown some pale pink ones from seed from a friend this year, so hope to see what colour they turn out.

I was thinking of getting some pom-pom ones but if the bees prefer the single ones I'll stick to those.



That is a very kind offer; problem is I don't like bright pinks and reds unless it is an apricot shade. The colour I'm after is that elusive creamy/greeney/dusky/dirty pink. if you have anything like that, I would be v. grateful.

In reference to the pom-pom ones, I had a yellow one and found it looked so artificial that I dug it up and binned it.

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