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I have two Skimmia Reevesiana covered in berries and with no sign yet of flowers - I'd like to move them to a shadier spot.  When is the best time to do this?

Look forward to your advice, many thanks.

Alina W

They're best moved in late autumn when not in active growth. Be careful to plant it at exactly the same depth as it is, as planting too deep can prevent flowers and berries forming.


Alina W - thank you for your reply - I shall have to be patient and wait until Autumn.  You've come to my rescue yet again - the last time was on the 'old site' when I had a query about pyracantha - I followed your advice re. feeding and pruning and the plants are much improved, thank you.

Alina W

My pleasure, Pinkpeony. Nice to see another old face

My skimmia is in flower but never had any berries,when is the best time to move it



Now will be fine - as has been said above - be particularly careful not to plant too deep. 

Liz- Some Skimmia's will never berry because they are male. 

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