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Mypot grown lillies were beautiful this year and I am unsure if I should lift and store them over winter and replant next spring.  I have searched various websites for information and they are contradicting.  Mrs JXP


I grow some lilies in pots-they are not lifted- stay in same pot-top dressed and fed.

Leave them be, some one told me to use ericaceous ( dont think ive spelt that right)compost. I no longer grow them as i have 3 cats and it can cause awful problems if they get it on their fur and lick it off.

Many thanks for your prompt responses.

flowering rose

if you have grown them in pots put in shed away from frost do not dig up as you will end up splitting the bulb and having to wait for a good show . bring back out when frost is gone,if you should get some of the pollen on your clothes brush off dry as if you wet it ,it will stain and as said poison to cats.One of my big African lilies I just put a pot over the top to stop the frost getting to it,it seems to work.

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