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Astilbes, astrantias, acteas, agastaches......all the "a's" I realise....... Seem not to be damaged by slugs or snails. I find eryngiums too to be resistant as well as liriopes & libertias. What plants do others feel are resistant to these pests? Jap anemones spring to mind too

Not Agastaches & even the Aceas this year in my garden, sorry. The latter are still reasonable, but look worse for wear.

Yes all these fine for me- Japanese anemones, Eryngiums, Euphorbias, hardy geraniums, Agapanthus, Erysmums, Alliums, some campanulas, Crocosmias, Penstemons, Antirrhinums, Fuschias, Veronicastrums, Verbena Bonariensis, Scabious, Calendulas, Phlox, Sidalcea, Violas, Sedums, Schizostylis, Day lily, Roses, Chelone (Turtlehead), Chocolate Cosmos, Heucheras, Dicentras, Thalictrums, Clematis, Ornamental Poppies, Mecanopsis, Lily of the valley.

The Rudbekias are just about hanging on, but not a single dahlia has survived, nor the Morning Glory & Black eyed susan.

Abandoned the sweetpeas & runnerbeans & salad crops- ha, forget it, but courgettes are fine, unlike last couple of years!

By growing my Cosmos this year in big pots I've not lost as many & at least have a reasonable show of flowers this year. Bedding- mixed colour Lobelia & Nastursiums are also untouched.

Oh well, have already got ideas for next year & need to source new Dahlias tubers. J.


Jo4eyes, that's interesting. You grow many plants I grow too. Violas/pansies are loved by keel slugs with me and crocosmias attract snails when they have finished flowering. I agree with many that are on your list though. When you source your dahlias try dahlia honka, it's an unusual one with spidery-like petals, simple and single and admired by everyone. Copper rings seem very effective against slugs too....tried it with an old fashioned violet. my cosmos do not get attacked even though I grow large groups of them

I've seen Honka. One to consider.

I grow my choice dahlias in large pots on the patio & despite copper tape or rings, or both in desparation this year, they've all been well chewed. I doubt the tubers will be up to bother storing this year.

I do know about snails & crocosmia, but never had such a bad yr recently.         My Hostas are all grown in pots too. From the house they still look good, but paper doilie springs to mind when you get closer. Again, copper tape & grit on top of pots & snail patrols all needed.

I do reluctantly use organic slug pellets, usually around trays of newly germinated seedlings in the coldframes, but would prefer the visiting hedgehog to do his bit so tend not to scatter around other things. Have had to do a 2cnd sowing of some things already this week. Am also thinking about using nematodes again next year on the beds as it's so disheartening to see all work wasted & destroyed overnight.

Will certainly do the cosmos in large pots again. Yes, some losses, but at least have a decent show this year & they're easier to reach to deadhead. 1 solitary survivor in the beds- interestingly in a new bed excavated last autumn from the lawn. J.

Nematodes do least for last year when I used them. My night time efforts with salt and bucket are very effective as I don't really use too many pellets. My hostas are the ground and in pots...but I think the danger time is when the flowers are going over and soft so I cut stems out asp and this seems to work well. I haven't really lost anything because of slugs etc despite warm wet summer. Birds, toads, hedgehogs plus my night time efforts have combined to achieve this


Sprinkle them with salt or cut them in half. If you move them, they WILL come back. They have a homing instinct. Thet won't cross over copper if its thick enough (so one line of coins won't work., it needs to be a thick border). Try to attract more birds into your garden.

Slugs can be killed naturally and effectively with nematodes (a kind of microscopic worm). However, all methods need to be used together to be 100 percent effective. Bare in mind that new plants from garden centres may contain slugs in the soil that you can't see  


I find with many plants that once they are mature, the slugs tend to leave them alone (cosmos and pansies for example) but with other plants, it's just a bigger breakfast. They seem to ignore aquilegia, verb bon, pulmonaria, primula vulgaris,teasel, toadflax , knapweed perennial geraniums, and all weeds!

good point Zara......many new plants from garden centres do carry nasties.  I always check rootball thoroughly before planting.

not keen on the salt solution though except as a salt water in a container to collect slugs and snails in.

we are now in the season for large slugs and tiny snails it seems. Not a lot of adult snails though.  Luckily the large slugs are not too numerous but they seem to do a lot of damage unless spotted and killed

I also find that a number of plants that are vulnerable when young are less attractive when mature e.g. Day lillies, primroses [and other primulas] and Trollius .The bulbs I grow, daffodils, snowdrops, snakeshead fritillaries, crocus and erythronium are all ignored by slugs and snails. Surprisingly last winter I found snails eating the leaves of one of my Bay trees.


They eat my heucheras and campanula glomerata. A lot of the above mentioned are also rabbit proof. Hopefully, next year I will see.


Havent been bothered by slugs too much this year. Though there seem to be quite a few about.

I garden with plants that tend to be Vigorous or resistant to damage.

Penstemons, Astilbes, Geums, Roses, Pelargoniums, Begonias, Gazanias, Salvias, Rudbeckias and many more

I grow anything that Slugs and snails tend to like in Containers.


Jo47.   Was the dried flower Statis ?  


In addition to the plants already mentioned Calendula, French marigolds, Nasturtiums, Dill, Sweet Rocket, Honesty, and Petunias are left alone by slugs and snails in my garden.

Caterpillars, however, are a real problem in my garden. They adore my nasturtiums and Primulas/Primroses, and attack a number of other plants and shrubs. I'm forever squishing them, or releasing them elsewhere if they're of less common varieties.

Earwigs have also had a really good go at some of my Dahlias this year.


I was delighted to find slugs ignore gazanias which is lovely since there is now a hardy strain.

Hazel --

Anyone wanting a bike? Only has three gears but only been out on a handful of rides with this beautiful bike. Can't ride due to OA knees.Would need to pick. A,ml selling it for £100 only.

My cosmos never, never get any pests at all, no snails dare venture near them, nor do snails. They keep their beauty all summer long.

I do hope I get the loveliest of remarks form ( some ) people


Hazel --

Thanks green fingered finch. In hindsight ,as I don't want to breach any terms and conditions set on the site, I really must withdraw my previous post regarding the bike. This is not, obviously, a selling site so don't want to get into trouble! Apologises

WD 40 spray round your pots works for me 


Cracking Cosmos Gertie 

Hazel --

Thanks Fishy65- they are the dwarf ones and make a lovely display down the side of the path. Going to do it again next year.