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Hi all (again ) , brought 2 packs (6 plants in 9cm pots) of evergreen shrubs from B&Q, now being the noive gardener i am, should i plant them out now or pot them on and plant out say during autum? ALSO, i brought a 6 pack of lupins and they too are in 9cm pots. do i plant them out now or wait till it warms up? or do i plant them on? sorry guys and gals for all the questions!!  


I'd probably plant them out within a week of purchase, if I'm honest,


What are the evergreens M? And have they been outside, if they look very lush and undamaged they probably haven't. If not they'll need hardening off. If you have good soil and can look after them well (keep them watered and not overgrown by other plants) you can plant them out when hardened off. But sometimes it's easier to grow them on in bigger pots then when you plant them out the roots are further down in the souil and can cope better. 

The hardening off applies to the lupins as well.


If you bought them from the outside garden section, they'll already be hardened off. One point to consider though - check label for size and spread. Do bear this in mind with regards to location.

Tall - usually placed at back/side.

small - usually placed nearer front.

mmm a 1 pack was a variety of euonymus and the other pack was a variety of all sorts, from my gardening knowledge they included buxus, heather and some other one with reddish leaves and small red berries :S. Well they were in the B&Q 'outdoor' garden centre so i presume they have been. although they seem to be nice and healthy. ill get a picture of the the 2 unknow ones tomorrow. if i were to pot them on, would it be wise to wait till autum to plant them out?


I think on the label it said that it would spread to a max. of 50cm by 1metre, is that a tall or small? :S


If you can water through any dry spell we might get (if we're lucky) you can plant from a pot at any time.

so should i plant them now (not now now, tomorrow now haha) ?


I would say the twiggier the stems the hardier the plant so think your evergreens would be tough enough to plant out now...just remember to water when you plant and crry on each time they dry out. If it was me I would hold on with the lupins...would pot them on and keep them under cover or if you have no cover keep them near te wall of the house for a bit of shelter and if possible bring in if frost is forecast. I think the measurements are 50cm width by 1m height ( usually taller than wide). Hope this helps a bit 


Yes, if they've been outside, they'll be fine.


50cm x im would be small in shrub terms.

ahh right thankyou you 3! ill pot them on and keep them in the greenhouse until all the snow has melted from the bed(!) and its starting to get warmer. Thanks again!


Yes, poor little things, let it warm up a bit.

Hi, I think I bought the same shrub selection in a bit of an impulse buy. Did you have any luck identifying the other plants?


No unfortunatly But that reminds me, I'll take a pic today and ask the team! and I'll post the verdict on here


Yes, get the pics on M.

Silver surfer

1. Pieris.

Probably Pieris japonica variegata.

2. Gaultheria procumbens.




Oooo, thankyou Silver!! Are those the same as yours MiltonRX?