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Hi, this is my first post on this site. I also post on the RHS forums as Ian but have a problem with their website at the moment.

I'd really appreciate help in ID'ing this very pretty small flower. I had  a couple in my borders last year from mixed wildflower seeds and this has self-seeded in the stones.

It's about 10 -12cm tall and the small flowers are branched, with four petals.



There was a little annual stock we grew as children, looked a bit like that. Not the night-scented stock. 

Is it a seeded annual or is it a perennial from last year?


I remember, Virginian stock, Malcolmia maritima


Well done Nut  

I was wracking my brains to think of that but all I could come up with was the Matthiola types. 


Hi, spot on. Thank you for your replies. It had been identified for me last year on the RHS forum but I can't access those pages at the moment.

I have two rises in my little garden near steps to the front door where I sew night stock each year for the beautiful evening fragrance. So, maybe this came from seeds mixed up in those packets, rather than the wildflower seeds.



Hi Mike! I knew you'd recognise my post from the description I put.

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