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Secret Squirrel

Hi, Yesterday I was lead into a false sense of security when the sun came out all day. I have some snapdragon seedlings producing true leafs, so I thought OK, time to move home. I potted them on and left them in the mini greenhouse in the main greenhouse over night. This morning horror of horrors, we had a frost. Mini greenhouse in main greenhouse covered in frost. I looked at the seedlings, they were still green although the soil in their little pots was hard. I did not have time this morning to move them back inside. It's cloudy today and about 5C, do you think the cold snap would have hurt them? I intended to move them back indoors tonight when I get home.


Fingers crossed Mark - some snapdragons are quite hardy so maybe yours will be ok.

Quite often the damage is done when plants thaw quickly after being frosted - that's when the cell walls burst - so if they get direct sunshine before the frost is off them that causes trouble.

Let us know how they get on. 

Secret Squirrel

Thanks Dove and Edd,

I cant wait to get home tonight. Hi Dove, I knew that about the sudden thaw that's why I thought I'd better leave them. We have had no sun today just cloud so yes hopefully everything will be OK.


Hi mark i grow some snap dragons last year in pots/trays, as you probably remember we had frosts into May. I left a few snapdragons in an unheated GH by accident  and they held up fine, i didnt really bother moving them inside after that. I have seen my mums snapdragons in tubs hold up all the way through winter this year. I sure there probably be fine but as Edd said only time will tell. 

Secret Squirrel

Hi, Everything looks fine, I have put them now on the garage shelf with the pelargonium's and they don't look the worse for their ordeal. Thanks for words of encouragement


They should be ok some of my customer's have snapdragon's that have self seeded from last summer they are only small seedlings and have seen two or three frosts in our area and are still holding out.


If they self seed outside they're a lot tougher than those grown inside then put out.

I'm hoping mine have self seeded, I forgot to collect any last autumn 


PS. I love the name, havadayoff


I didn't cut mine down at the end of the summer and they are still going strong! No flowers, but the plants look healthy   They are in front of my shed which is a bit of a sun trap (understatement) so maybe this is why they are still on going. I also don't think we've had more than one real frost this year.


They are perennials and not that far off hardy. At a previous garden we had a crumbly wall and they became almost shrubby in that after a few years

Yes they are stronger but so small I thought one frost might have killed them off but still going strong. 

Thanks nutcutlet I'd like to have a day off to spend in my garden I'm always to busy doing everyone else's.

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