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I am not a budding gardener and am not sure where to search for flowers but I am trying to locate 100 snowdrops. Could someone please advise me where I may be able to get these from?


Many thanks in advance for your help

Look in the newspapers and magazines, esp weekend editions. Now is time to get them and adverts for them are plentiful. They are sold "in the green" , the best way to buy them
chilli lover

Our local greengroce is selling 3 bunches for £2! Not a lot of help to you maybe but try your local shops/markets?


hollie hock

Now is the time to buy them, I picked up a small bunch from my local GC


internet search for 'snowdrops in the green' lots of them. Pretty cheap if you're not after fancy varietes. Bet there's lots on ebay. 


i just ordered some from  saw the ad GW magazine last month, seem to have been around for a while and found a good post about them on here so gave them a try, have lots of types, i just went for the cheap bog standards ones £9 for 100 plus postage.

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