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For the last 2 years I have on my rockery "snow in summer"  I dont know it by any other name, It has been lovely this year but now almost finished its looking untidy ,

What I am asking is : Can I trim it off and so long as I leave  about 2 inch from the ground , will it come again next year ? or should I leave well alone?


Hi Lucky3, the plant you are talking about is Cerastium tomentosum and it will survive a haircut 


Yup. I also think it would survive a nuclear attack.


I agree with figrat - you can't kill this one!  Cut it back as hard as you like, it enjoys it and will put on lots of lovely fresh growth for you - might even get more flowers this summer.  Enjoy!

Get rid of it. It seeds everywhere.  If you pull it up you will still get,loads of plants next year, and the year after and....



Haha, not a fan then Verdun!

No,  few,years back,a neighbour planted some and she "loved" them.  Told her she would be over run.  She was ..her stone wall, verges,,garden ..everywhere.  ,simply a weed


I agree with you, I've pulled loads of it out from customers 'rockeries' where it has gone mad.  I wouldn't have it my garden.


Terrible plant. It took me over 10 years in our previous garden to finally get rid of the last bit.........................then we moved!

hollie hock

How tastes differ.....................I have this here and really like it

The garden was landscaped last year and a couple of small clumps were planted and I like the fact that it's hardy,needs no maintenance, gives plenty of flowers, acts as ground cover and looks lovely hanging over the walls.

If ever I thought it was taking over I would just pull clumps of it up




My neighbour grows it in his front garden, it does get everywhere...I like it but I am always cutting it back through the fence.  I don't need to grow it myself, it can be useful when it spills over onto my garden to hide gaps, etc...  I agree with the other posters, just pull it up or cut it back, you won't kill it.....

I like it too Hollie Hock

I have it growing on my garden wall and it's about the only thing that WILL grow there.

It's not that you can't pull it can, it's easy. It SEEDS everywhere. There are much better "alpine" or ground cover plants with white flowers.

hollie hock

Hi mary, glad there's someone else who likes it. It's all about individual choice and preferences and what works for you

I agree with figrat, vertun and berghill and once the couch grass starts growing through - well - an absolute pain twice over.


hollie hock

Each to their own......... I still like it, don't have the couch grass problem here

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