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Why does it have to keep snowing?! I want to be out side gardening not indoors watching gardeners world! (even though it is a good programe)

Jean Genie

I agree.   Had a to-do list for the weekend before OH went back to work. Needed some stone moving in the rockery for a small water feature which we've swapped from another border . The other one still needs electrical work doing as well so that's on hold . Still haven't divided the snowdrops - can't even see them at the moment

Just been potting on and playing with seeds indoors. Definitely not the same.

Think I'm developing cabin fever.

I feel the same another day stuck inside looking out the window seeing the jobs I need to do come on warmer weather where are you
Ria van Beek

Dromen over tuinieren en nog betere tuinplannen maken kan vandaag ook fijn zijn. Sinds jaren zag ik vanmorgen het programma weer eens, en de voorjaarskriebels begonnen meteen te werken. Dus ook ik kan niet wachten op hogere (tuin)temperaturen.

Fijne dag, de zomer is toch onderweg....

Jean Genie

Tracy - I'm in West Lancs but we haven't had it as bad as some.

This was yesterday.




I'm very very fortunate as I've had neither snow or rain since that weather front moved in,  all I've had is a biting cold easterly wind.

We have been very lucky with snow and freeing weather. In west of Cornwall we keep getting mild sw influences that have kept all that horrid stuff away from us this winter. Weatherman commented on this today. Generally it's been fairly mild winter. Not hot, not really very warm but it looks like spring down here
Ha ha...not st moment

managed to get a little bit of gardening done this morning but still very cold and wet

flowering rose

Keep that snow up north and the freezing wind please.


I have just come in after spending about 45mins sowing some seeds and potting on a few other things and I absolutely can't feel the tips of my fingers and toes. I'm frozen to the bone!

I'm at this minute sat trying to thaw out in the conservatory where it's lovely and warm as the sun in shining and the heating is on. Haven't even taken my coat off yet!  

As my lovely old mum would's flippin taters out there 

we have had 3 foot of snow where I live in Halifax even more on top at hills.

Sick of it piss poor....


i am scared for all the perennials and buds that started to appear. i checked this morning, and some have been burnt by the the cold weather. spring has been postponed indefinitely, i suppose.  end of winter then straight to summer. 


hollie hock

Not best pleased when the snow arrived here yesterday, thought we would escape it. No gardening done here at all.

Just watched country file weather not getting any better for this coming week it her great one

I had booked the day off work to get a few jobs done in the garden, but i'm stuck indoors glaring at a slow snow thaw.


As a result the lawn is becoming a bog with all the melt water, i'm expecting rushes to start sprouting soon. 


at least this crazy biting wind has dried the ground out a bit up here in newcastle.


Although it's still pretty windy here and the sun is shining the snow is melting very slowly. I've just spent an hour or so clearing the snow out of the pots because everything was getting flattened under the weight. In all honesty it was quite pleasant and really quite warm. I'm amazed how quickly the flattened mini daffs, crocus etc have perked up now that they have the sun shining on them.