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<span id="sample-permalink">I just thought I would share these..... how beautiful! For me they really herald the start of the growing season and I know it won't be too long till spring is upon us. Yay!

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so nice-when i planted snowdrops 30 years ago that is what i envisioned-but-where once i had one now i have two sometimes plants are hard to fathom

Alip thank you, so beautiful. Spring is on its way.


Would like to know where this lovely photograph was taken, is it open to the general public please?


Hi Jan, it's the beautiful Rococo Gardens Painswick.  I visited & took photo on Wednesday it really is breathtaking the photo doesn't do it justice! I've got link on my blog if you want to check it out. <span id="sample-permalink">


despite the changable weather my snowdrops have been flowering since mid January,

and are currently at their peak. The doubles seem to propergate more readily than the

singles.I've several other varieties but spread only very slowly,but all are the most reliable if bought in the green.John Pegg

Simon Knott

Been busy editing videos this weekend. Here, is my latest one, it shows views of a local castle, Fyvie Castle and I filmed it 2 weeks ago when the snow drops were at their best. Have a look and let me know what you think.


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