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Recently discovered (only when it came into flower after about 7 yrs) that I possess a Clivia (saw picture in D Mail). Says after flowering repot then put o/side bet. June/Oct.. All well and good but what type of compost?? and what type of feed - Help think it's pot bound.


Clivias love to be pot bound and flower better that way. Unless it is rising up out of the pot, I would leave it. If you do repot, ordinary compost such as for pelargoniums will do, don't use too large a pot, an inch of compost around the sides and and a 2/3 inches in the bottom wll do. If you put it outside, start of in the shade for a week or two, otherwise the leaves will get sunburn.

Here is some information that will help:


Many thanks, Swiss Sue, will do this weekend

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