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Hi all, 

I hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather. Let's hope it continues. 

I am in a new garden this spring and there are some weird and wonderful plants around that I am not familiar with (some I think might actually be weeds, but not sure). 

Can you help? Photos are below.

1) I was about to pull this out, because I think it's a weed -but want to double check!



2) Again, possible weed?



3) Not sure about this one



4) This is a fairly small plant sprouting up near a west-facing border



5) This plant has popped up ALL OVER the garden, so hopefully it's a nice one.



Mark 499

no 4 is a Sedum.

no.5 is a Hemerocallis (Daylily)


1 is oriental poppy

3 is hollyhock


I is an oriental poppy

2 is Honesty (lunaria annua)

3 is hollyhock

4 is Sedum spectabile (sometimes known as Ice plant - but there are several plants known by this name)

5 is Hemerocallis (day lily)

hollie hock

My first thoughts of no 1 were of a poppy, no 3 hollyhock, no 4 maybe a sedum. The 5th one does look like a day lily to me as well



well done Dove, as ever. I knew I recognised No 2 , but just couldn't bring it to mind.



I agree with Dove. All lovely plants.


Thanks everyone - that was super quick and there is no way I would have been able to work that out myself! You are the best!

Mark 499

Looks like the Hollyhock is suffering from rust.

anthony mcglen

i have a Hollyhock how do you cure rust or do i just dig it up and buy a new one


Gosh that was quick! I saw the photos, had my answers all ready, wound down and there was Dove's post with my answers!

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