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A new bush has sprung up in a friend's garden. Any ideas what it is?


It looks like Euphorbia lathyris but it's a funny colour.


Perhaps the aliens have another variety

It doesn't look that healthy to me




I think it's a Euphorbia but it looks as if it has terminal mildew!  A few years back I worked as a gardener, and spent lots of time ripping these self-seeded things out from a customer's garden.  I found out (the hard way) that the sap made skin sensitive to sunlight - I ended up with burns on my arms, leading to brown marks which took months to fade.  Be careful!

Crikey, thanks for that, I will let him know!

I think it is left over from the previous owner's garden, being biennial it has only just turned up 

For those that were interested, the euphorbia was removed successfully and without injury. By a blind man, no less

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