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Could anyone help me with some names for the following plants please?


flowering rose

well I have the white flower specimen but I have no idea what it is but is pretty.


Second one looks like one of the saxifragas.

I think the first two are saxifrage.




Yes, number 2 is saxifraga umbrosa variegata, love it as the leaves are great to look at even when the flowers are gone

Third one might be a sedum


The 1st One has tiny purple flowers from now through the summer

The second one I agree looks like a Saxifrage

But the third once dies down in the winter an regrows like that in spring. It throws up a couple of short lived purplish flowers every now and again

Sounds more likely to beSedum, quite a few die down in winter i believe from reading the blurb on mine.


Yes it is Oxalis! Thanks for that one

But unfortunately The 1st one isnt Mazus

Thanks Fred#60 for identifying the Saxifrage too

That pic looks a lot closer there Nutcutlet, i retract previous guess!


Agree Dove but there's so many varieties it would be impossible to tell which one!


The flowers on the 1st one are ever so tiny with 4 petals in a sort of star shape. I had to cut it back as it was invading the slate and onto the other pots!

Salino's difficult to see the flowers on no. 1 but what I can see looks lavender coloured rather than purple...

if the little star shaped flowers also have a yellow centre, then it's Houstonia caerulea, probably Millards variety...


I thought the first one looks like thyme


Its not Houstonia :P and Definitely not thyme :P

Anyone else have any ideas?


....without a close up image of the leaves plus one of the flowers, I'm not having any more guesses.... you're asking too much really.... the photobucket image cannot be enlarged so we cannot zoom in on it...


I'll try and get some better pics of it tomorrow with a close up of the flower