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Hi, please can you give me a hand putting names to these plants that were in the gardens at Gt Ruston today...









 3. now I look at this one properly it's a peony isn't it?  Amazing what a decent camera and a pair of spectacles can do 






The bottom ones are peony flower heads. They look just like my Paeony molly the witch.


Middle one looks a bit like  a phytolacca or pokeweed, but I'm not sure.


Cimicifuga is the top one, or is it now Actaea? Probably simplex.

2nd is Phytolaca americana

Both of these berries are poisonous.


The Paenia seeds are the black parts. Sow fresh and wait for a long time.



Top one I think is Actaea pachypoda/alba


I would love to get hold of A. simplex Pritchard's Giant, but none of the Nurseries we frequent stock it.


Nut, you generously gave me an Actaea pachypoda didn't you?  But it has black berries - nigra?

And I have a Molly the Witch from you - but East Ruston has them by the several square metres!!! 

I did recognise the peony eventually, when I looked at the photograph with my glasses on   I should have put my glasses on earlier when looking at the plants   I think the fact that there was such a large area of them absolutely threw me - without my glasses on it looked like some thick shrubby undergrowth. 

Thanks everyone 


I can't remember if I gave you Actaea rubra or pachypoda Dove.

A.rubra has red berries that dry off black.

A. pachypoda I germinated over last winter and none of mine have flowered yet. 

I shall be sulking if they're not A. pachypoda at all. I've had wrongly labelled packets in the past. Sometimes takes ages before they show themselves to be wrong .


Ah, it's rubra then. 

I've just found some Lunaria rediviva seeds in my pocket - how on earth did they get there? 


Can't think how they got there Dove. What's in the other pocket?

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