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Does anyone recognise this? The leaves are very soft, furry and almost sticky to touch. A rather pungent smell but not strong. Could be from bird seed but could be from anywhere.

At first glance I thought nicotiana but it's too stiff in stalk and has opposite leaves


plant pauper

 What're you asking us for?!?!?!??

Is this a test?

Look like some sort of big long poinsettia leaves to me but what would I know. 


I have phlox and monarda with leaves that look like that, but the phlox doesn't smell and I'm sure you would know if it was either of those. Maybe wait for a flower?


Looks willowherby to me - possibly hoary willowherb?
We generally rely on you to when it comes to weird stuff popping up in the garden ;)



yeah, sorry folks. I have no idea. I've got it on a Facebook group as well and it's been shared to another. Trouble is, its most distinctive features are feel and smell, neither of which I can get across on t'interweb.


Thanks Dove, I've looked at the photos and I don't think it's that. 

Dovefromabove says:

It was a bit of a long shot ... 

See original post

 All suggestions gratefully received and checked out Dove.

Nothing from any of my other lines of enquiry except Guizotia (nyger) which it doesn't look like to me from pics. I've never had it germinate in the past


You'll have to wait and see if it flowers 


yes, I wonder if it will still be there after the winter. No buds on it yet.


Maybe if we get an Indian Summer it'll flower this year 


That would be really good 

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