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Can anyone tell me how I can start growing some now? I want some for next year and no one is selling any plants anymore. If they germinate now will they flower next year?


You can sow them now but Carrie Thomas (National Collection holder) suggested January in a cold GH with the last order I got from her. 

If you sow now there are two possibilities, they might germinate quickly and you'll have tiny seedlings to see through winter, or they might not germinate til spring.

Trying to germinate them quickly in a heated prop or GH is not helpful for these, cold is what they want, it's what they get naturally

They don't flower in the first year


I don't think I've ever sown aquilegia.  Mine arrived uninvited and they sow themselves!


I got a lot of new colours from Carrie Thomas to increase the colour range here josusa. They were mostly dirty pink ,now I have deeper colours and yellows and reds. Though the reds aren't very robust.


Be guided by the natural seeding.  Aqualegias cast their seeds as soon as they were ripe after flowering.



I have a little forest of them at present from a dwarf white one. I usually deadhead, but allowed it to seed this yeras I had promised some to soemone else.

It'll be interesting to see what they're like - the ones that survive anyway  

Welshonion says:

Be guided by the natural seeding.  Aqualegias cast their seeds as soon as they were ripe after flowering.

See original post

 That's the best time, then the babies are a good size before winter.

Too late for that now 


Does anyone know if Carrie Thomas managed to stem the progress of the Aquilegia downy mildew? 


I've got no up to date info re that Mark. I should think it's hard to rid a garden of that when so many of your plants are aquilegias.


I think she lost her collections, Mark.  If you go to the seeds section on her website which was last updated in 2016:

This will be the last Touchwood Seed-list. My pride-&-joy granny's bonnets are dying with the new killer disease: Aquilegia Downy Mildew.  I give up.

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Oh gosh no  she had such a beautiful collection, when I saw it on TV I was in awe. Lost two plants to the downy mildew here, can't imagine hundreds. 

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