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Secret Squirrel

hi all

I will be sowing lobelia soon, I understand you mix the seeds with sand. What type of sand do I need to buy?

Sharp sand or horticultural sand will do, just dont use builders sand.


I have never done that, i just put a small pinch into individual modules, that way you dont need to transplant, i would be there forever if i had to do that as i grow hundreds of them. 


Just wanting check is this the right time to start them or maybe a little later. I cant remeber when I started them last year



I'd say mid February on-wards for lobelia seeds


Thanks thought it was a little early


Mid to end of Feb is just right.


I have lobelia in a coated covering I think it's clay do you sow in clumps or two to a plug ??



last year I sowed in clumps and just thinned out seemed to work well. They are really tiny seedlings.


put a pinch of seed in each plug.

archiepem wrote (see)

put a pinch of seed in each plug

Whatever made you think of that?

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