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hollie hock

I know that this has been mentioned on a few threads but I keep loosing them.

What can I sow now? Think I read that aqueligias, astrantias, sweet williams?

Could you give me some suggestions of some more that will germinate and be ready for planting out in the Autumn? Is there some general rule of thumb to follow with perennials?

I try and collect a lot of my seeds so sow when fresh off the plant but do want to grow something different. I'm sure I have loads of nice seeds tucked away in boxes





Lupins - delphiniums are what I have sow the most recently, I tryed some bergenia - primulas - polythanus as well. All the other plants are biennials like foxgloves - wallfowers - mysostis - sweet W - winter pansys  

You can sow almost anything now holliehock, however, it will take months for them to grow sufficient root systems to plant them out and survive the winter. I have sowed lupin, sweet william, coreopsis and a few others, but most won't be planted out till spring unless I can get them up to scratch by September. Some years I'm lucky and get them in, other times they have to wait till spring. It does depend on weather and good growing on techniques.  I do have space which is an advantage as overwintering young plants can be problematic. If you aren't in a hurry and don't mind losing a few plants it is fun, economical and gratifying raising your own plants. Even if you have a disaster what's the price of a packet of seed and some compost. 

hollie hock

Thanks both. I'm ruling out Lupins as for the first time I had the woolly aphids and that was the end of that. Shame as I love those plants.

Sounds like it's worth giving what I find a go then. I've got time and patience Dave, gardening has taught me that. Not too bad on space Still got loads of this years plants which I'm potting up but they will find new homes.

Now I'm in a better place will be having a go at sowing some autumn sown hardy annuals I think


Aquilegia and Honesty go in now. I find primroses, primula and pansy prefer to be sown in the colder weather, I do mine in September.


hollie hock

I've got a few different types of Aquilegia lurking about so will have a go at these as well. Thanks Lyn

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