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hi so i have just bought myself a seed starting kit or an unheated propagator. i know it is late in the year for sowing seeds. so if anyone could tell me what things i can grow now and when i can start sowing for next season. i want to grow flowers more than veg but for now i will grow anything.


thanks in advance

josh foster wrote (see)

hi so i have just bought myself a seed starting kit or an unheated propagator.


Pansy and viola are good to sow now.

Cheers Paul.

hollie hock

I love growing from seed, it's very addictive. You might get away with sowing some biennuals, like Honesty or sweet rocket, foxgloves, forget me nots.

Some people sow annuals in the Autumn, things like sweat peas, calendula, cornflowers.

All of these are hardy plants so don't need any protection in the Winter. I noticed yesterday that the Spring bulbs are now in the shops, always worth planting.

Hope you love seed sowing as much as I do but don't sow too many as you will run out of room



Herbs to keep indoors and use this winter

Danae dan-Ah-ee

Several weeks ago I was given a potted Morning Glory.  It produces many flowers which, for some reason, at about midday close up!  I suppose its their party trick.  All the same, the flowers are really lovely and I was wondering whether it would be all right to sow their ripe seed now in readiness for next year so I can have a whole lot of them.  Or is this the "funniest" thing ever said?? 



Hi josh, last autumn I sowed delphiniums, aquilegias and primroses which made it through the winter as seedlings on my garden table, ragged robin too. However these are fully hardy perennials and very tough plants.

Do you have a greenhouse or cold frame? If its half hardy or tender annuals (French marigolds, cosmos etc) you'll have to wait until next spring. 

Danae Morning Glory are best sown the year they are to flower. I'd say save them until next spring and sow them then.


I usually sow some Calendula and Cornflower about now, as has already been said, Hesperis and Honesty can be sown now too. Sweetpea I sow in October. Hardy annuals can usually be sown now, you could sprinkle some Poppies over some bare ground and they'll come up earlier than spring sown ones next year.

Danae dan-Ah-ee

Thank you, Ladygardener, for your help.  I will, most certainly, follow your advice; and I'm already looking forward to their party tricks! 

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