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does it matther what time of the year to sow seeds in a propagater in a glasshouse.

i write this as a lot of perennial seeds have not germinated that were sowed in the last eight months.


A lot of seeds don't need a propagator to germinate-in fact too much heat will inhibit germination in some cases-what did you sow?

 Now is a good time -but outside-you will then have a good chance of flower next year

i have sown vinca minor seeds ,followed the  instruction to cover as they need darkness to germinate i have tried two batches , covered one and left the other uncovered. neither germinated

sedum have not germinated.


I sow hundreds of seeds and I have to say perennials are often the hardest to germinate, they all seem to have their own idiosyncrasies. None of my sedums germinated but I have 20 rudbeckias. I am currently experimenting with trying to germinate seeds in a fridge as some of my perennials that I left out over winter germinated in the spring.

I have had a lot of trouble this year in actually getting the seedlings to grow but I am blaming the poor light levels for that.

What else are you struggling with?



Just about everything this horrible so far year!  Veggies that won't grow, peas that are flowering but are only 8 inches high instead of over a meter or so (Some mixed measurements there but I guess we all know what I mean!), beans that are twining up their poles but look anaemic and virtually leafless, strawberries with still hard green fruits if any at all, etc. etc., etc.!!

It's been so wet that the slugs are winning..they ate every single dahlia they could find..before moving on to the brassicas...and yes, I did put collars on every single one (the plants, not the slugs...).  They even crawled up the sides of some very rough planked raised beds and bunjee jumped onto the tomatoes....I swear it's true.....


I'd try sowing the seed again.Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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