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31/03/2014 at 22:57

I bought a lovely Spirea Arguta last week, really like it. I bought it because it looked a lot like a plant I had in my old rented place. The one in the old place was about 8 to 10 feet tall, long arching branches that were absolutely covered in white flowers in spring. 

After the flowers though, came bright orange berries, again covering the plant. The wood pigeons loved feasting on these. As far as I can tell from reading online, Spireas don't get berries.

Am I correct with that conclusion? Does anyone know what plant could have been in my old back yard? I mean I'm very happy with the spirea 'bridal wreath' I've just bought but curiosity has got me thinking.

31/03/2014 at 23:16

Orange berries. Pyracantha?

31/03/2014 at 23:24

Jack, was it thorny?  If so pyracantha ticks that box 

31/03/2014 at 23:31

Ah thank you both. I can't remember it been thorny, some pictures on google images look similar though.

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