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I have just bought 2 largish perennials a geranium Samobor and a pulmonaria. Could I split them now when they are showing very little growth or should I wait until they have more leaf?

I aim to have maybe 3 plants from each


I would grow them on a bit first so you can see natural divisions

Caz W

Don't know about pulmonarias but its fine to split the geranium now.  I do mine at this time of year and they've all grown away happily.

Bunny ...
I split mine now , they find own shape then in a pot/ground.
Rosa, let Pulmonarias grow and flower now and split them in the spring...mid spring is best. Don't pull apart just cut with,sharp knife or spade. They are vigorous growers...just starting at mo...even though flowering their socks off down here. Then you will get nice full size plants next spring. I pot them up and leave in a shady spot. Easy. Some geraniums can be split now but others sulk. Samobor is one I don't grow. I look at the pot...take out the plant and see how it grows. If in doubt cut out small part and pot this and water both donor and separated plants well. Sorry for vagueness on this but it's way I do it until i know its habit to ensure I don't lose my plant. Some geraniums are easy others more frustrating. Good luck rosa



I've grown Samabor before but never propagated it but in this garden I need more than one to make an impact and it seemed the cheapest way to do it.  The same with the pulmonaria. maybe wait a couple of weeks or so would be best?


You will not lose anything if you wait.

I have quite a number of geraniums, ESP,some of the newer ones but older varieties like Russell Pritchard, Wargrave Pink, etc are easy to,split at any time of year. They are so vigorous I just cut chunks off and try to plant in threes. In Summer I just cut off the flowers and plant a chunk and in a few weeks it flowers again. Think I'll start a thread on geraniums......

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