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flowering rose

I bought some daffodils that were going cheap in the end of season bargain bin.I planted them so as they would ready for next year ,I didt expect them to start growing and flowering .They are growing and one in bud and all looking healthy.Is this climate change or confused daffodils


Just confused daffodils.

The daffs are not confused. They will flower next year. Don't expect them to grow during the summer. That is their dormant season, right?


Just catching up with themselves I should think f rose. They'd already prepared themselves for this year during last year. Does that make sense? 

They'll be on time next year

David Matthews2

Ditto experiences here with 200+ 'very late planted' daffs etc - they're flowering now just as the tulips are finishing! Must be said that the slugs just love the challege of ascending the 2' stems to 'sample' the buds!! Urggh!!


flowering rose

mine are just coming into flower which is so odd, so I have daffodils with the sweetpeas .

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