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I've just lifted the tulip and daff bulbs from a couple of large pots.  The bulbs are solid, I chucked a few which were slightly mouldy or soft.

The basic question is as above.  Are they worth keeping and if so what should I do with them? (Polite answers please as I have heard they should be stored in the dark).  Can I just plant them into borders now and let them get on with it? Should they be stored? or should I just chuck them out??


Yes, absolutely fine to plant them in the borders - I usually let them dry off in the mini greenhouse and plant them in the garden in the autumn. 

Mark 499

I would let the Tulips dry off & plant in the Autumn, but I would plant the daffs straight away.


Or you can dry them off and use in your tubs next year, plant end of Sept ish, i dont find tulips so good, but worth a try in the garden, plant in November. I had a fantastic show of second year daffs  this spring.

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