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Saw these two plants today at RHS Hyde Hall and they had us stumped! Hope you all can help.

Pic 1:

Pic 2, look like snowdrops, but do they come multi headed?

Second version of flower/plant 2:

Many thanks 


Looks like Muscari and Snowdrops.


Thanks Blairs.  My mum thought they were Muscari but I've never seen them look so fluffy  

Any idea what type of snowdrop?  They were multi headed


Don't think the first one is muscari the leaves aren't right and the flowers are a bit too fluffy.

You can get double headed snowdrops but they aren't common.  They look more like summer snowflake to me.



Yvie and Nut, think you have hit the nail with the snowflake  Wish I'd checked before I wasted time scanning through countless pics of snowdrops on a website

They also look like the muscari Nut, thanks for the link


Hi Panda

I've never been to Hyde Hall. It's on my list


Definitely the second one is Leucojum vernum. The first is almost certainly Muscari comosum Plumosum.


Saw the snowflakes in a NT property last year (can't remember which one) liked it so much that I did a bit of research and put some in last Autumn.  They are coming through nicely at the moment but nowhere near flowering.


Def snowflakes. Mine are just starting to flower.

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