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Spring sweethearts

The sun shone brightly enough for my tulips to open up,something that thrills me every spring.

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Beautiful and the picture really did enlarge.

 Here's my clematis "Multi Blue".

hollie hock

Great to see the pictures properly again, I can zoom in too. Lovely clematis Lizzie, beautiful flowers. The bee is a common carder bee, signed up to BeeWatch and they id it for me.



Shall we make May31st the last day of spring?  New thread tomorrow?  I have been up the garden this morning.  Lots of summer flowers out already.  Here are the first of the osteospermums.



The spring flowers on the Pieris "Forest flame" are still smelling beautifully while the summer flowering Poached egg plant, Limanthes douglasii, is bringing in the butterflies, up my garden on the last day of spring.




very nice Marion, I haven't grown Limnanthes in a long time.. always a cheerful plant...

yes, I think Summer from tomorrow...? I live in hope Marion....


Happy M, good idea, let's say Summer Has Arrived


Technically summer tomorrow....but.....

Think most parts of the country are to get dry if not sunny tomorrow so maybe we'll have a scorching summer- we'll all be moaning about the heat instead of cold and rain! 


Right - who mentioned b****y summer......the rain's just come on ......


The potty gardener

I hope we get to see as many wonderful pics on the summer thread as we have on this one. Thank you everyone for sharing


Thank you Marion, I enjoyed this thread, looking forward to the next one.

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