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Spring sweethearts

The sun shone brightly enough for my tulips to open up,something that thrills me every spring.

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Although it has come a bit late the sun has been bright enough today to open up the tulips and encourage the hyacinths and anemones.  The small anemone blanda are in full flower in my woodland walk too among the daffodils and late crocus.  Still the icy blast that has destroyed the top of some of the burgundy hyacinths is still blowing.  I do so want to go out with my camera and say truthfully "Ah, a lovely mild spring day, now to photograph all my spring sweethearts".










Your Tulips are well ahead of mine! I reckon another two weeks wait here in Kent and we're supposed to be the soft end of the UK  


Ah, Bristol is sheltered somewhat by the Mendips but these are all near the shelter of the house anyway except the Anemone coronaria and the pots there which are a little further behind.    Tomorrow I hope to go snapping in my butterfly garden.  I know i have loads of primulas in full flower as they have not stopped flowering since last year's hot spring.  i think I shall be dividing up hundreds of clumps this year to throw out the middle and make new plants from the outside bits.


At last the bees are finding food in my garden.  It was buzzing with them today.  Up till now i have just been seeing the occasioal solitary bumble bee.  All change today.  but they have been about since i have just spent an hour dead-heading daffodils that had been pollinated.



I am expecting photosfrom lots of you any day now  of beautiful spring displays - true sweethearts of the spring.  From those I am hoping to get ideas for my Golden Jubilee celebrations in my garden.  When I first took care of it fifty years ago next year,there were plants in it which i still have, like Primu;a "Wanda", Geranium "Johnson's Blue" A huge Bramley apple tree and Victorian cooking pear. plum trees, roses, lots of strawberries.  the roses are different varieties now and the huge elm trees are all gone .  For its fiftieth I want the garden to have a golden theme right through the year.  i have lots of forsythia and daffodils already so need something spectacular but golden to add to the golden theme.



Marion - I don't think you can beat rudbeckias for the end of the year.  I find them one of the easiest flowers to grow from seed as they have pretty robust seedlings right from the start.  Indian Summer is my favourite.


Thank you, Chicky.  I love rudbeckias.  i shall try and get Indian summer started from seed.

Marion all your plants look gorgeous, x

Marion, here is one of my brunnera's coming out. This one sowed itself by the wall.

 And here is my magnolia "Leonard Messel".



True spring sweethearts there, Buzy Lizzie.  Love them.  TY.


My friend lives three miles away in the city while I live out in the sticks.  Consequently he has a degree warmer than me and his bulbs are further advanced.  today he sent me some lovely pictures.  here are two - what to do with your tulips when they are over outside and Delph Blue hyacinths.  Some spring sweethearts are nearly over already.





I love the pots with the blue hyacinths, they look lovely, x



 I planted these pots up in autumn 2011 - this is the second spring that they have delighted us 


Absolutely beautiful, Dovefromabove.  That reminds me I couls plant a host of golden crocus in the autumn for my Goden Jubilee Garden.

I had some tulips out before the daffs but when i looked in the parkers catalogue, it said they were the earliest ones. My hyacinths are still up only about 2 inches, my daughters are almost finished.



Some beautiful photos everyone!  Here's my humble effort.  Only mini daffs, about the same size as the snowdrops, but they really made me smile this morning.


I've some very dainty dwarf tulips which came into flower today. Not at all like your traditional tulips, leaves are the same but flower heads are more a cross between a daff and tulip without the sticking out bit on daffs. They've produced 1 - 3 flower heads per stem. 


Zoomer 40, Adam Pasco wrote a blog on multi-headed tulips in Sept 2011.  If you put "Muliheaded tulips" into the GW search engine you can read it and perhaps put a variety to yours from the colour.  i have the species Tulipa praestans in my garden and they do flower early.  The kaufmanniana tulips flower early as well.  I find doubles like angelique flower later but do so look forward to those.


Awww, I forgot about spring pansies that have survived the winter.  Here are yellow and blue ones on my friend's windowsill.  These do cheer you up o a cold spring day.



..lovely photos, especially like the white crocus's and the 'Leonard Messel' magnolia, wish I could have one of space..