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I bought some Tulips in September and waited until now to plant them (avoiding Tulip Fire as advised), but when I opened the bag I found they were all sprouting. One already has an inch long shoot. Is this too early? Did I not store them cool enough? Will they be alright to still plant out or will the cold weather get them?



They should be OK. Just get them in. Mine had shoots on. November is the recommended month so you'd better be quick. December tomorrow.


Agree with that-planted some in containers a week ago-they were half-price-don't worry about the shoots-they will sort themselves out-plant them at the normal depth.

Great thanks for such a quick response, that is what I love about this forum!

 Just off out into the garden to plant them now. I had already dug the trench, with a ruler to hand, accross the front of a border, before I opened the bag!

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