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 My red and orange tulips are being bitten off just below the bloom. They are left on the ground. I've lost up to three a day. They seem to be vandalised in the morning. They are in a secure back garden. We have squirrels doing other damage, could they be the culprits? Any solutions?


Could be rabbits. Do you ever see any around your local area?

i saw something called Squirrel Stop in the GC last week.  Tempted to get some for bird feeders but the reviews say can use it on plants & borders too.

I had a squirrel eat through the stem of my brand new snowflake hydrangea last week... only one stem remaining.  I'm currently using cut down bamboo sticks to chase the little ...'s out the garden. 

Thanks for both suggestions, haven't seen a rabbit in the garden danmvalverde.

Thanks for the link will pursue it Peanut 3

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