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Hi all, I am thinking of growing a standard rose this year in a patio pot. Has anyone had any experience with these? Also, I would like a rose type (thats this shape and med - large blooms with fragrance). I like lots of colours so thats not a problem. I know its alot to ask but any suggestions of a good standard would be appreciated.


(ideal shape of rose)


thanks for that Dove, it doesnt look like their standards are part of their sale and with delivery its £54.. which I think is a bit steep.


I know that not everyone is happy with Parkers but I have had a couple of roses from them which have done well, especially the Fairy. Look at these, they may be more immature but worth a punt I would have thought.. Half the price.


David Austin does standard roses at £35, but I don't know the delivery charge.



The DA site quotes delivery £11.95 for orders which include standard roses - I call that an absolute bargain   They're difficult to pack and transport safely. 


Just an update here, I picked up a standard rose today. Off to plant it soon, will post pics at a later stage. 


I got one for ebay november last year its probabbly too big for a pot but was of good quality and paid £25. There now £28 for bunkers hill garden shop oxford on ebay. There bare root roses were of good quality and better than the ones i got from parkers


Plenty of well rotted compost, as its gone into a container. I have put in a smattering of blood fish & bone too. Moved it into a sheltered spot for now where it will get maximum daylight. Weathers still pretty misserable here. Not sure if its going to be the best quality but looks healthy, and good root system. 


Its Apricot nectar, 80cm

 Have put it a very large pot on its own at the moment, will plant around it when the weather warms up a bit. Not sure what colour to put with it though.

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