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Today I have seen standard roses at homebase standing over a mitre and they are £15 down from £20/30. Anyone bought standard roses from homebase before, is it a good price. Are there varieties not to touch or should a rose be a rose be a rose!!! Thanks

For £15 I'd buy them even if they need a bit of tlc.

Does it matter the type of rose, are they hard to care for?

Not at all, care for all roses is the same and the pruning principles apply to all, see the RHS website for pruning advice.


I wonder if my local Homebase has got any



We had them in at The Newport store where I work on Wednesday. They look great for £15.

I was warned off the yellow one by my farther he said that yellow roses show wear and damage badly. so I tried to look up the pink variety and I can't find it anywhere it's called perfectly pink, anyone got a clue, or heard of this??

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