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Anthony Hello 

yes it's been a little while since my last update I was going to update this weekend as I've been busy installing a new computer at home and also trying to move my Itunes of my ipod to the new computer however the Ipod is not playing well with others so I'm rebuilding my songs one album at a time.

anyway more to follow over the weekend with images as well 

yes yes yes still cutting down bloody ivy but I'm starting to win or I thought I was starting to win with hedges until I walked past the front right side of my boundary when I notices it needs trimming 



You'll get there James! It sometimes seems like a thankless task doesn't it. Hedges and grass cutting take a lot of time if you have a big area to do. Still - dark nights approaching and plenty of time to plan new ideas for next year 

Don't give up James.  I have been slowly working away at my small plot, (unfortunately work gets in the way!!!!!), and get quite disheartened at times.  My energy levels have dropped the older I have got so everything takes so much longer to achieve.  I have turned this to my advantage tho, and just spend more time sitting to catch my breath, considering what needs to be done.  You have really inspired me with your blog, which I have just come upon, and I will be following with interest.




Melspade- I have the same problem! I'm doing a lot of dismantling and constructing in this new garden and at times I was 'scunnered' - good Scots expression! I'm beginning to see results now and getting plants in which keeps me going.   Lots of good supportive people on here and that helps enormously too 



Hello weekly or should I say bi-weekly update

Never trust a man with a chainsaw I’m never really aloud the hedge cutters or pruners without supervision heehee .

After about two months of cutting ivy and trying to save the bush that thought it was a tree I decided to cut it at ground level why for a number of reasons well the main one is it was very leggy and I struggled to reach the ivy OK the main reason is I couldn’t reach the ivy. I’m not really bothered if it lives or dies it has got two choices. Well it all cleared away just a bit more to take down to the tip, New acquired chainsaw needs a new chain now as I hit the wall quite a bit but to be honest it was bought knowing it had to be replaced and it’s served its purpose.


Well I’ve not just spent the last 10 day working on the ivy, other items have needed my attention grass cutting front and back also the side of the house (this is the council responsibly ) but they only come every now and then so I cut it when it needs it.

I plan to spend some time working on the lawn over the next week or two or when the ground is softer as it’s very dry at the moment. The plans are to fork the lawn redress it and sow some grass seeds but if I can’t get on the lawn to reseed it before the end of October I will leave it until the spring.

List of jobs to do I plan to complete this weekend

Clear old annuals flowers that have gone over

Plant some garlic in a pot

Clean a kitchen sink (old white one) that I found in my garden while cutting ivy and bush down after I’ve done this I shall add some bulbs to it for spring colour


I’ve filled four patio pots with bulbs

Start to clear area under the fruit trees for a flower bed; I had some top soil delivered last Sunday for adding new flower beds in the garden and also to replace the soil in the greenhouse (before I add the glass) I also found out that is a good idea to replace the soil every two to three years in the greenhouse if growing tomatoes in the same place as it will start to carry diseases

Well now I’ve won the war with the Ivy it’s on to the front garden to start and clear the trees and bushes that I would like to remove the wife has already been out (not often seen in the garden and a special occasion I didn’t even have time to take a photo of her before she ran inside LOL)

Yes the wife has said what tree’s she would like to keep in the front garden But when the top soil arrived last week I inquired how much it would cost to have the front garden levelled after I removed all the vegetation, I also told him what I wanted removing and what the wife wanted to keep when we came up with a plan to knock one or two trees over by accident LOL so this is sorted. I was given a price of £150.00 a day but we will have to wait and see as I’ve just booked a holiday for next year (three weeks in Kissimmee, Florida)  well I’m off now to start my weekend jobs I will add photo’s later on this weekend.

Going to try out my new lawn rake bought from wilkos yesterday as my old one has been retired OK I snapped the handle also it had rusted to death (it was only a cheap one).

I’ve also bought a petrol tiller this week just waiting for it to arrive, also new seals and “W” clips are on order for green house 




Keep on top of the ivy now James, it doesn't givre up easily.


Wow! You have been busy! I too feel your iTunes/iPod traumas when getting a new computer  Stick an iPad into the mix and you get my pain! 

Can't wait for pics 


Well here it is the pics of a battle field and I won but it I'm sure it will be back 

as this first image shows M/N will not give up without a fight.

When I first started to clear this area the first think I noticed was the honey suckle had died I was wrong


 Ivy is going this pic was taken a day or two AFTER I had started because the growth had to be cut back to open up the decking also bushes on both side had joined and you couldnt see the fence




 I didnt get in the garden today as my wife decided I needed a break so we went out for the day but that didn't stop me buying so deeproot seed trays from h/base 15% off sale today LOL


I know it look bare and strange with out the green but Im sure it will look diffrent in the summer next year right on with the greenhouse footing this week and with no sign of rain I don't think I will be forking the lawn yet.

seed tray to thin this week and greenhouse also I'm going to start to clear the front lawn area it quite a jungle 


I plan to open it up to grow veg's in it with some flowers 



Good evidence of your hard work 


Hello everyone I hope you are enjoying this hot humid weather.

21 deg here in Warwickshire and looking like a thunder storm is coming my way, But I don’t mind as I’ve been digging my greenhouse base today, I’m ready for the wife to call 999 as my back is killing me or even a pint or two, in fact I’ve got more chance of a paramedic coming than a pint LOL

I’ve had a funny week decided Monday to tidy up the greenhouse and alter the racks so I can get it without breaking my neck also so I can get to my plants from the dining room.

After that Tuesday I decided to thin out some seedlings and pot up in to deep root trainers and also look at my Rosemary just to see if there was any roots developing I was quite surprised as I had  5 out of six that had started to root so I moved them on into deep root trainers so fingers crossed they will take, I also tidied up the pots at the front of the house (viola) was choking the Rosemary in one pot however  the other pot not 2 feet from it was doing really well (funny that) both plants were bought, planted at the same time in the same compost even watered at the same time.

The really healthy plant has been trimmed twice now since I planted it in June. Not to waste any cutting I planted them in a new pot just to see if they take (no harm done if they don’t) so after my reproduction of Rosemary I planted up two new hanging baskets and a pot of Claymont (I had bought these weeks ago)

I bought a second had cylinder Lawnmower of ebay £30.00 and used it already (works) fantastic

I raked my lawn twice and cut it twice this week (OK both on the same day) before the forecasted rain that we never got it was supposed to have rained Thursday and Friday all day but did we get any NO.

Here are the pictures of what I been up to sorry but they are in no order this week as I have to go out





Greenhouse base not really showing all I've dug out so far so I will add a new photo later as I do really have to go out






The layouts changed though and edit and quote have disappeared.



Yes some think is a miss but I cant put my finger on it 

thank you dove and Fidget I going out now but I will be back later

James XX


Edit and Quote have been missing from all threads for several days - Daniel is aware and it's on the list to be seen to. 


on the forum is now down at the bottom of the page?? it used to be on the right hand side


Hello Clueless

Love all your garden projects and pictures, but are you just updating the forum of your progress or do have your own blog page?




Tina it's just a running blog here I plan to run it for a year for two reasons

to be able to look back and keep me motivated also asking for advice