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Hi All,

i have prepared my boarders with a good mixture of rotted farmyard manure, top soil and multi purpose compost. The garden is south facing with a fence on the left and short walls at the bottom and right.

I would love Alan Titchmarsh et al to turn up with a selection off plants and finish it off for me but thats not going to happen.

Does anyone have any tips plant lists that they could give me so I can have a lovely looking all year round garden. I probably have £1000 to spend on plants and shrubs.

Many Thanks!!


Hi Gary. Can you give an idea of the size of borders you have and also whether you're looking for screening from other properties or views - ie trees, hedging etc. That would affect what you plant. Also, do you have likes or dislikes - no point in people suggesting cottage garden perennials if you like big foliage and jungly looking plants! 

Morning Gary

I wouldn't rush into this for a start.

You need to ph test your,soil......then you and us will know what sort,of plants you can grow.  Is it well drained soil or heavy clay?  South facing so a warm garden?  Can you post a picture?

Do you want a lawn?  Lots of plants or low maintenance?  Do you have eyesores you want to block from view?  

A blank canvass is ideal.  I'm sure you will get lots of ideas and suggestions but it would be good to start sketching out some plans......on the fence you might want some scented climbers or trained fruit.  You might like a meandering path, a pool, a patio etc.  decide what you want from it from the outset.

£1000 is plenty ....unless you have a huge plot.  You don't say how big it is either


A Photo of your canvass would be a good idea



You lucky chap!  Everyone on this board is going to be itching to give you advice.  Do just give us a steer on the points people have raised above, though.  Also - what will you want to 'use' your garden for?  Have you a family, do you want space for swings and kicking footballs?  Do you see yourself wanting to spend time gardening, or do you want really low maintenance that you can plant once and then ignore?  How do you feel about growing vegetables / fruit and living off the land? 

Whereabouts in the country are you?  Balmy Cornwall or chilly Aberdeen?

Sorry for all the questions, but I promise we'll be able to help much more once you've answered them!

You are going to have a fabulous time.  Very jealous. 




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