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Hi there

I am planning a bed around my yew tree which is on a slope. In order to create a bed I would have to have the lower 20 - 30 cm of the yew trunk in the soil (in the bed). Would this be ok or could this damage the yew? I definately don't want to harm the yew. 

Thanks for your help!!!



Burying tree trunks can cause them to rot


On the other hand my husband made a raised bed at the back of our garage and I buried my conifer nearly a quater up its trunk

Its been in for at least 10 years and is thriving ok



thank you both for your feedback!!

Happy gardening. 


It's not,a good idea to bury anything like that. On that slope your yew will prob be fine. Is there another way without mounding soil around your yew?  Post a picture?

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