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Hi. I have just found out that my mystery spike leaf plant is infact a stinking hellebore. Advice and hints please. How do I keep it tight, neat and tidy. the lady who gave it to me had many but they were leggy and in attractive with dead bits!! 


They seed around, I let them grow and treat them as biennial or perhaps triennial (is that a word?)As the older ones begin to look rough I remove them and new ones take over .

Looks impressive at it's best





Like nut, I find them everywhere.  Just pull them out or cut them down when they look manky, there are always plenty more to fill their space.  My best one this year is growing out of a crack in the paving ! 

If I cut the flower stem will this keep it smaller for longer?? 


Red - I'd leave the flower stem til it has let its seeds go - or you won't get the next generation to replace it when it goes brown and horrible and has to be dumped.


Cool thanks. It's looking great at now but will do!! 


Red - thought of you today - listening to a podcast of GQT and Bob Flowerdew talked about "furtle-ing" - and I thought it was a word you had invented.  I should patent it fast !!

been furtling all day. Had a great day sorting out, planting carrots and buying more perennials. Lets hope tomorrow brings more furtling!!


established 2ltr pots of perennials £1.50. What a bargain. I'm lucky to have found a garden enthusiast in the next village with links to suppliers!!

I'm going to furtle tomorrow and I might do the same next week too.

planting the sourced old Barrow with last years trailing fuschia and a bush for the centre!! 

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