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i bought a tray of 6 stocks-matthiola- yesterday, until i deal with the geranium jungle i haven't really got room in the garden, will they be ok in a pot? also do they need full sun?


Hi rosemummy, this is a picture from Dobies Plants of Devon. They are in pots, so I presume they should be ok in your pots.


thanks sue think i'll pot up today if i get chance

Rosemummy, they will benefit by being potted on anyway. They will prefer full sun.  You can later pot on again or plant out when your "geranium jungle" is sorted 

thanks verdun, geraniums are lovely, i will keep a fair aount but they're taking over everything else and not leaving much room, i would even like to get more lower growing varieties to replace tall ones, no idea what varieties any are, all but 1 inherited.


Rose mummy,

There are some lovely lomg flowerIng varieties around now....Rozanne, for example, and Orion that are both blue.  Purple pillow is delightful.  Ann Folkard is magenta with  lime yellow leaves.  and a unique variety called Elke.   

do you know, i don't even know what these are! just grabbed them!! planted 3 in large pot today, i'm going to grow from seed next year so will do more research on varieties

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