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cody smith

how do i store dahlias over winter




Woodgreen wonderboy

Dig them up, after the first frost blackens the foliage,knock of as much soil as you can and place in cardboard boxes. You want everything to be nice and dry if possilble.

Place boxes in a dry place such as a garage or outhouse and cover with something to keep the frost out... sacking, fleece etc. 

Next spring they should start into growth of their own accord, around about April. It all depends on warmth so this year for example they were later. Then pot each one out in ordinary potting compost, water, place in a warm spot and you are away. Beware slugs and snails ( ordinary pellets are best) and frost. If latter is threatened whip them inside garage again( bit of a fag!!) then back out to enjoy the warmth. Plant out at start of June or when fear of frost is over. This is the method I have used for 12 years now and it works for me. You may lose a few of your weaker tubers but the vast majority will survive ( I potted up 140 this year). I always buy a few more each spring to make up the numbers and try out some new varieties.

Alternatively you can leave them in the garden where planted. In this case after frost cut back to ground level and compost the tops. Then place a protective mulch over the top, e.g. spent potting compost, garden compost. This should protect them from frost and in the longer term will improve your soil and feed the plants. Having said that I lift mine I did leave some in the ground in a different location and these are now showing their noses. So this has worked in a year of very cold temps. 

This year in the Autumn I think I shall risk leaving all of mine in the ground now that I know that this method works in my location. I am in the south of England.

Just one other idea. I underplant my tubers with daffs and tulips.. so I get double benefit from this bed, from early spring to the first frost.

Good luck you will love them.





cody smith

thanks for that it is very good info


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