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I need some advise on how to improve the condition of my geranium plants (I think its a Mavis Simpson). They have gone straggly as they have been trying to get to the light as the escallonia shrub growing behind them had got too bushy.

Should I cut the geraniums back to get them make more growth from the centre?

I have already cut off the dead flowerhead.

There are about four seperate clumps and a couple have some baby shoots.



I'd cut them right back to base, if it's dry give them a drink and there'll be new leaves very soon.

Nut is right Rosie, it seems really weird but it does work
They look lime quit big clumps too rosie, you can literally tear them apart, make sure there is a bit of root on each one, replant and water, they will be in full leaf in 3 weeks, ive just done 3 different types of mine, it really is amazing how many you can make, they also seem better for it


I've increased my one Mavis Simpson to 3 plants. They seemed to take divisions well. They have flowed well this year. I cut them right back when I see more leaves than flower..feed, water and they come back to life again.


Those 2 you sent me Bekkie, are proper little plants now, come on lovely thank you

I want to make a front border of geraniums along the edge to spill over onto the grass. If anyone has any spare little plantlets, I would love them, please.

Will buy or swap.

How many do you want Lyn? Ive still got quite a lot!

I would be grateful for any you have Bekkie, but I will need to pay you for the postage, you have already sent me tow foc.

Dont be daft Lyn, the only problem is in my infinate wisdom, i didnt get round to labeling which one is blue and which is lilac! Hope that isnt a problem , the pink divided well too, i only need to keep one for mom and one for me as ive gone off it
Its nice to know they are going to a good home

Thanks Nutcutlet, Bekkie and Fluffy Cloud

I have taken your advice and cut back the geraniums on Friday, broken up the dry compacted soil around them and watered them each evening. They are bucking up already. I also potted up a baby geranium (only had two leaves) that had seeded its self on the lawn and that looking good too.

If I divide the ones in the flower bed would it be better to plant them up in pots until I decide where to plant them in the garden? 

At the moment I can't decide whether to put in a raised bed in the garden. I like the idea of plants trailing over the walls



They are going to a good home Bekkie, the first 2 you sent are lovely little plants, you would think they had been in for ages.

Dont worry about not marking them, I dont mind and I can always shuffle around next year.

Ive marked them as best i could Lyn, sorry if ive got it wrong!

Rosie, potting them is fine, i just put mine in rows on the veggie patch, sort of like a nursery bed, i get the feeling they are pretty hard to kill, i struggled to get some apart and pulled the top bit away from the root, but even that still grew, i really have been pleased with them

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