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I have an Arbutus Unedo ,strawberry tree, in my garden but it has never fruited in the 20 years I have had it. Is it self fertile or should I get another to get fruit?


Hi Susan

It is self fertile. I wonder if its habit of flowering one year and fruiting the next is the problem. It evolved in a warmer climate than ours.

I think I'd dig it up susan, it is probably a sterile sport, grown on by mistake. Norfolk isnt a bad climate for it, so I'd replace it.

Thanks for your help. I will accept it as a non fruiting variety. I don't think I still have the papers that came with the tree. As for digging it up I couldn't bear it unless it was diseased or causing damage. I shall just enjoy the flowers and the questioning looks from people when I tell them I have a Strawberry Tree.

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