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 A good day, fingernails dirty, I'm tired and shall now enjoy a glass of red.


Thanks looking really good.

I finally got around to watching the stumpery edition last night. 

I have a huge oak at the bottom of my garden that was cut down last fall. its about 30 Inches across at the base. The tree guy left it about 15 foot high. Anyone got any ideas how easy it will be to dig up and move?

It must weigh about 2 ton so will need at least 5 guys to move it but would make a fantastic stumpery.

Ill try and get a photo.


 Hmmm it is pretty big!

Well my husband has managed to blag some poplar stumps so waiting a while before we place our mushroom plugs .My friend has already done hers. ,looks good AWB.

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Bluebaron, could you grow a climber of some sort up it. You could put bug boxes or bird boxes on it  or a couple of hanging baskets with trailing flowers.


Hi just found you guys while looking for ideas for stumperies. Find a local tree surgeon to get your stumperies going. They often have stumps, roots and all that they often just burn so perfect opportunity 






A lot done but much more to do.  


I was going to make a stumpery but have now aquired some chimney liners. Now do I call it a potty stumpery or a stumpy pottery - if it ever gets made that is - so many other things to do as well!!!!!

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That looks great AWB. Still waiting for OH to get my logs etc from the fallen trees at his golf club.


OOOh, I like that AWB! My efforts are more of a twigery but I like it, I've moved it around some more today as well. Mine's more 'eerie' then 'woodlandy'. Haven't seen this thread before but will put some pictures on at some time (there are some elsewhere can't remember exactly).

I am hoping that all the little nooks and crannies will become homes for frogs and toads. No frog spawn this year, very little last year, do now have grass snakes, could this be the problem. Also no hedgehogs.


 various ferns starting to grow


That's looking good - lots of snug hidey-holes for amphibians and beetles etc.


That is maturing really well. Very impressed

Haven't even begun to clear the area mine is going into - too much else to do in garden finishing previous projects!!!!!!!!!

We still have our mushroom logs in bin bags but my friend has taken hers out one was full of insects the other covered in white stuff!!the final one nothing ,how's everyone else's doing ? We are going to get ours from the bin bags tomorrow.Nannynetty


The one covered in white stuff sounds as if it is going the right way. It sounds like the mycelium is starting to grow

I went ti Biddulph Grange gardens the other day. The stumpery was quite creepy. All the bits were poking out of the ground like dinosaur bones. They were black and slippery in the rain. The ones here look much nicer and friendlier


Thanks for the response I will post how ours are later when Owe take them out of the bin bags.



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Lol, no flies on me Edd ........perhaps i should put that on quote thread 

Thanks to SGL I have found these 3 stumpery pages, and gleaned a lot of very helpful info. Have the stumps and cant wait to get started. Oh, i still need the plants of course.

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Look forward to seeing your pics, Karools. Glad it was of help