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You are quick STL.

star gaze lily

Lol, no flies on me Edd ........perhaps i should put that on quote thread 

Thanks to SGL I have found these 3 stumpery pages, and gleaned a lot of very helpful info. Have the stumps and cant wait to get started. Oh, i still need the plants of course.

star gaze lily

Look forward to seeing your pics, Karools. Glad it was of help 

 Not much to see at the moment, but ferns still alive, and should start growing soon.

moss doing well.



looking good AWB, but of course we knew it would  

ive just had the remains of my 'big tree' removed so have new aquisitions for the stumperi.


Some great stumperies here! Last night I went in search of that episode of Great British Garden Revival last night online. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for the inspiration. Am tempted to have a go at the bottom of the garden.


It's good fun, low maintenance and an interesting feature - go for it tesni.



 The ferns and moss are thriving.

,what a delight , worth the work and the patience , well done you !

It's a bit messy but I like it.


Wow, hasn't it come on, looks great!


AWB, I love it! Well done 

Will post latest photos tonight

star gaze lily

Stunning  pics AWB, look forward to seeing  the latest ones. 

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