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20/01/2014 at 22:31

Such Strange Weather.


Such strange weather. Not yet out of January. In my tiny garden, I have Polyanthus in bloom [mind you, mine seem to flower all year]. A few roses are still flowering, plus new shoots are busting out in abundance. Daff’s are about ten inches high with swollen buds. Crocus are up and very close to bursting open. Pansies and smaller viols are flowering well, also the cyclamen. The snowdrops are rapidly gaining height. Hyacinths in the garden are two to three inches high. In the cold greenhouse, several pots of hyacinths are already showing the tip s of the flower spike. Also in the same g/house, some of my lilies are waking up. Also some of the alpines are doing very well and the tiny campanulas have flowers. Outside several campanulas have flowers. There are a few blooms on the perennial wallflower...the name escapes me. It’s a mauve flower.

The bird-life is enjoying the various changes. Sadly the sparrows are almost extinct here. The garden is visited by all the tit family, except for the crested tit. Each year, obviously not the same pair, but a pair of Blackcaps call in. Greenfinches and Goldies come to feed, also Goldcrests and at time Firecrests. Blackbirds are regular diners. Sadly the Trush population has dwindled. The park opposite has had it’s annual visit of Redwings and Fieldfares. Of course the Woodies Crows and Magpies, are always here.

So friends. Tell us more about YOUR garden.

21/01/2014 at 10:45
isnt it strange Mike up until they started to disappear i never realised how the sparrows vary so much and how nice looking they can be lets hope they have a good summer. cheers Mike
22/01/2014 at 12:49

Hey Mike, I have all sorts going on in my garden too. The daffs started showing themselves just above the ground just before Christmas and they're already almost 5 inches tall now, I'm guessing it won't be long before they go for it full on. My geraniums are still flowering on and off, they just don't seem to want to stop. Only problem there is I've been desperately wanting to cut them back but couldn't bring myself too whilst they were either flowering or showing new buds. The leaves are getting very straggly now though so I might just bite the bullet and cut them back. I have roses in flower and the ones that aren't flowering are shooting up all over the place with lots and lots of new growth. The snowdrops and bluebells also look like they're starting to make an appearance and the new buds on the cherry laurel tree are opening up as if to flower already. The birds I've noticed are getting broody already too! We have the usual compliment of tits, magpies, crows, several blackbirds, pigeons, Robins, Jays, blackcaps, nuthatches, woodpeckers galore, dunnocks, a pair of song thrushes and pheasants!. Lots of chaffinches as well. So far we haven't had the visiting fieldfares or redwings but although we had a really healthy and beautiful garden this year with berries everywhere, right now there aren't any so we may not see them this year. Crazy weather indeed!


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