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I have an unknown variety of clematis which after about 5 years is 15 ft tall and starting to cover the house wall growing along an electric cable. I am going to put up wires so it can cover the house wall but would like another clematis to grow on the other side of the same, south facing house wall. I fancied tangutica but it may be a bit too vigorous and I don't want to be on ladders every fortnight cutting it back.

Can anyone identify the one I've got? It has bell flowers about 3 cm long and has a rather undistinguished pale dirty green colur but the inside is speckled purple more like a snakeshead fritillary


Hi is this the one you have?


Hey thanks very much, that does look like it, do you know the variety? I've had wrens and robins nesting in it the last 2 years: it's dense and sufficiently high to be safe from predators  


Looks like a cirrhosa to me.  They flower in winter or very early spring, before the montanas and alpinas and macropetalas and are usually vergreen except in extreme winters.

To find a clematis that is suitable for the size of wall you have available, the flowering time desired and the colour, have a look at this site - which allows you to enter those criteria and several others to help with selecting a good variety.   Then go to your local garden centre or nusery to see what varieties they have or contact a reputable clematis grower such as Taylor's - - who have a wide selection, a very good reputation and deliver nation wide.



are these suitable for container growing?



Taylors will be able to help you there too.


Thanks WB yes chirrosa. Is this one in a container? You can grow most in a pot...wouldn't try Montana mind... Just make sure it is deep enough. Clematis like a long root run rather than width. I would go for a clematis that repeat flowers. Check out some of these

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