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One part of our garden is shaded by our neighbours leylandii hedge on one side and our own newly created raised bed on another.  It gets no sun - it didn't even before we added to its woes with the raised bed.

I know some ferns will be OK as we had some there before.  I'm looking for other suggestions, particularly for anything which can add some colour.


I have a similar spot under our biggest ash tree - Vinca Major seems to have survived this summer with very little watering, but I'm not really enthusiastic about it.  I'm going to plant some silver-leaved lamiums there next spring.

Try geranium phaem Margaret Wilson.  It has lovely almost white leaves and lavender flowers.  Lovely contrast with Heucheras which will do well there too.  Try Heuchera berry smoothie or plum pudding next to it.. Very pleasing.

Pulmomarias too....beautiful ome called blue ensign has brilliant blue flowers in spring....and there are some lovely,white flowered varieties.

Brunneras.....I have hadspen cream. ,this has cream splashed foliage and forget menote blue flowers.  Bergenias have evergreen,foliage often,splashed with red plus brilliant spring flowers.

Some of the euphorbias too .....blackbird for dark foliage and numerous green and white varieties.  

Grasses like hackonochloa, if you can give some water too occasionally, and acorus Ogon and Bowles golden grass.....all needimg some extra water now amd then.

Try the Japanese painted ferns like Ursulas red.  Lovely grey/blue foliage amd red stems.  


Thanks for all the suggestion.  They're on my list now

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