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My son is due to leave his pre school at the end of August. I have planned to give his key leader a pot decorated by my son with planted bulbs inside so that every time they come out she can remember him. What flowers come out around August/sept time or what can be planted around that time? 


Prepared hyacinths can be planted in September for Christmas flowering.  Also Amarylis bulbs. Funnily enough I had a bulb catalogue last week, so they are about.

I can't think of any bulb that can be planted in late July to flower in September.


How about a crocosmia lucifer.

They should be available in garden centres now in growth to flower shortly.

cody smith

dahlias are flowering now till first frost but u have to dig them up over winter and plant in spring after first frost


There are some dwarf Agapanthus that will flower sept time, or Nerines are bulbs that flower in autumn, but as a bulb would have to be planted a lot earlier than now, but maybe able to buy in a pot? Or what about dwarf Asters? they flower sept onwards, there are smaller varieties and then they can be planted out?

Don't know how big your pot is, but hope you find something you like, as it's a lovely idea



Those big autumn crocuses will flower this year and can be bought almost in flower. Can't remember whether they're crocus oor colchicum. 

Colchicum. Pottertons nursery in Caistor sent me 40 lovely mixed ones but the wildife ate them all bar 2 before I got to enjoy them.

I think they and other nurseries will be at the in Market Drayton on 25 and 26 August if that's near you at all.


Colchicum would seem like a good idea as they flower at that time. The only problem  is - the common name for them is 'Naked Ladies'....maybe not the best thing for your son to be giving the teacher!!! 

Amy - don't know if it's the same where you are but I  think our GCs have lots of new bulbs coming in by the end of August so you may find you can get crocus or dwarf iris which would be easy to pot up and are lovely for that dreary time at the end of winter when we all desperately need cheering up 

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