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Hello all

I was wondering if anyone could suggest a rose that would do well in a pot to climb a fence? Ideally I would like one that flowers well and smells nice. I am not to bothered on colour. The fence gets sun for most of the day only shaded in the morning.

I have an area in the garden by the shed which I am not sure what to do with. I was think of some kind of small flowering tree? The area gets good sun through the day. I have already planted a small weeping willow (not sure of its name but its a mini one) at the back of the garden.

Any suggestions would be great as always!


Hello Pinkypoo. I can't recommend a rose as I have discovered that scent is very subjective - things that smell delightful to me barely register with my husband, and vice versa. However, I would recommend a fruit tree to you. How small is small? 

You can buy tiny apple trees that have wonderful blossom followed by apples! Or if you want something a bit bigger you could buy a plum tree. They have pretty flowers and - yes - plums!



re rose - how tall is the fence and how big a pot do you have?

re flowering tree - what  size is the area - what's the biggest the tree can grow to without being a nuisance?


re your weeping willow - is it a Kilmarnock willow? 



Yes Dove that looks like my tree!

I would like a tree that is about the size of that, something that wont grow huge and shade the garden probably about 7-8ft max? I am just really guessing as I am not really sure on what I would like there!

For the rose I dont have a pot yet so will buy the pot depending on the size I need. the fence is about 6ft tall and the area it will cover is probably about 4ft wide.

I would certainly recommend a small weeping fruit tree, probably a crab apple.  Mine is currently an abundance of two toned pink blossom, attracting lots of bees.

I haven't had much success with growing a climbing rose in a container, but the location wasn't perfect, so moved it to a sunnier spot and planted it in the border and it's now romping away.  If you google 'climbing roses in containers uk' and go to the rhs site, they recommend 10.  You would need a very large container, though.  Interested to hear what you choose.  Enjoy the search! 



I think I'd go for a Prunus subhirtella 'Fukubana' - scroll down on this link and there's a description and pic - failing that there are other suggestions for small garden trees. 

One of the best scented small climbers I know of that is happy in  a container is Celine Forestier , but again, if that's not to your liking that website has a very good search facility down the left hand side of the page. 


Thank you all for your suggestions, I have a lot to look up now and I will keep you posted on what I do pick and try and get some photos up once planted!

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