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Hi all managed to get some shopping of some of the Flowers I want for the Summer but am unsure of how/when to plant them.

I currently only have a 4 tier Mini greenhouse but this can be positioned in full sun all day long for warmth. I also have plenty of 1/2/3L plastic pots that I could start them off in.

Dahlias/ Gladioli/ Agapanthus Root/ Echinacea Root/ Nerine

All advice/help is very much appreciated as I can never find definitive info on the web :P

Hiya Matt

I would pot up all of those now.  However, maybe you should wait just a little while longer

I would then pot up and fleece them well.

Your greenhouse though......polythene? not too good at retaining warmth or protecting against frost so, all in all, a delay would be better.   However, the echinacea root, agapanthus root and nerine could  be potted now.


Well I wont have time for probably at least another week even if I wanted to so a delay is no problem.

I dont want them sitting around for too long though. Yes the greenhouse is polythene and is doing very well in keeping my overwintering lupins/delphs.

What kind of size pots should I be looking at using? These will be transplanted to the garden/ larger containers later on.



I do not start Dahlia until April. Gladioli and  Echinacea are hardy for me so stay out all year. Agapanthus and Nerine are also outside  but with overhead protection to keep them on the dry side, the Nerine still in pink bloom now.

Orchid Lady
When should Gladioli be planted then? I thought they were planted early summer, if they can be planted now I will plant some in my new borders.


Matt, don't overpot.  I use dry compost at first. Keeps them warm.

Fleecing will be iimportant

Echinaceas vary.......amazingly their hardyness esp the newer varieties I grow. The old varieties are very hardy.

For me dahlias are getting big by least in 2 litre pots.  By June they will be in 3 or 5 litre pots so early starting is useful.

Tracey, I would keep gladioli corms in warm dry place for a while yet before planting out.  Spring is early enough. 


Agree with Verdun - April is fine to start Gladioli. I just leave them as they divide and do better for me than lifting.


Thanks for the info guys, really appreciated


I wouldnt plant gladiola until very late spring,  place them on a bed of sand, quite deep, then they wont fall over, i have never started them off in pots. 


Tracey, gladioli may not be hardy if you live in the North. I start mine off in pots in March in a cold greenhouse. If I plant any later they dont tend to have enough time to flower.

Matt when you plant your Nerine remember you should plant them very shallowly, with their necks just out of the compost.

Dahlias, assuming tubers, start in April in your growhouse.

As for pot size, I agree with Verdun, start small and then repot as they grow. Small plants in large pots often rot.

I planted gladioli out in march and nothing has happened yet but at the same time I put out some Dutch iris and they are doing well are the gladioli no good now any help please p.s I live in the north east 


Give them time Steven, they should start showing soon enough

Orchid Lady

Oh dear, I've just read my previous posts on here (Tracey is me LOL), I forgot all about this thread/advice and planted my gladioli out last month, I hope it's not too early, we haven't had much frost (very light for one night) but no signs of life yet!! 

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