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Yes come on Verdi - we'd love to see pix of your estate! 


B-L I'm pretty sure that when I bought that plant it was sold as a penstemon. 

Hey, I feel totally intimidated by Woodys estate.  Mine is far more modest.  But will do it.  My young niece is always taking photos so I'll get her artistic eye to make my garden more appealing.  

My garden is of reasonable size but a friend has almost 6 acres and I often get involved in that too.  Different sort of garden......cultivated morphing into more natural planting. Scope for growing trees that I cannot grow here.  

Would love to start again with huge garden and blank canvass

Currently watching my agastache Blue Boa opening it's buds.  Any day.  New for me so hoping for something really good......have several agastaches and 3 or 4 are new but I love them all so far


Vedun is blue boa the "hardy" agastache that just came out? Have you planted it out or keeping it contained to help overwinter? I really like the look of it, but always begrudge paying good money for plants with "iffy" hardyness.


I'm like you Andy- if I read the blurb and it says 'may need protection in a cold winter' I usually move on! 

Do love Cannas though! The new Iris I bought recently 'Black Dragon' is about to open. Really looking forward to it...looks as black as the ace of spades 

Verd - you...intimidated? Never...!!


Hiya Andy....yes that's the one.  Well, it's mild here but you can dig them up at summer's end and pot them up.  The Blue Boa is tantalisingly close to opening but it really looks so good in bud too.  I managed to get it in a 3 litre container too.  I always try to split or take a part of agastaches during the growing season to pot up for another plant next year

Its twue Fairygirl...I am easily fwitened. Don't have that iris but it sounds fantastic. And waiting for the first flowers is exciting I think


Nasturtium - Jewel of Africa

Primula Vialli

Freesia (Has such a wonderful scent)



Mattbeer, what is the secret for growing freesias; when to plant and then what?

Fab pics everyone, and Verdun; for heaven's sake don't be coy () We know your garden is wonderful, let us see more...please?


No secret :P

This is the first year I have grown them. I planted all the bulbs in a container of multi-purpose compost around March or April time (which I had used last year for growing Nigella in) and up they came!

I think every single bulb has popped up and they are all starting to throw up flowers

As for keeping them for next year I am not too sure. 

Does anyone have any experience of growing freesias year after year?


Mattb, was this outside or in g/h?


Outside against the wall of the house and sheltered by a wall in between. Still gets lots of sunlight though as we are south west facing.

I seem to be able to grow a lot of nice things in my small garden.

Ive got some freesia coming through which i got as corms as a freebie with a t&m order, but they are no where near flowering.  I did buy a plant which had been brought on they look stunning.


Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)
nutcutlet wrote (see)

I think this is a penstemon, a tiny one, I bought it at a plant fair last year and it hadn't got a label when i got it home

Anyone know what it is?


Nut, could it be a phygelius or cape fuschia?


I´m not sure, but it looks like a young Russelia to me (they grow a lot if they

like the weather; check the link please):


I'll see if I can get a better photo tomorrow rusflorum. The flowers are very like a tiny penstemon but I'm not good at close ups. Whoever took your pic is better and I can see it's not that. Does that make sense 


Verd the buds are just starting to show colour on Black Dragon and they do look really black. I bought another Night Owl,  really deep purple which I love, and they are at the same stage as BD but definitely lighter so I'm looking forward to seeing it when it opens properly.

Took a pic of some of my pots today



Classy looking pots Fairygirl and nice planting.  I think, if you have a nice plant you need at least as good a pot to display it.

Time for the land of nod I think........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


..ity bump


Thank you Verdi. That Iris is actually just tucked in behind the Ligularia just now as it's still in it's little plastic pot so it gets a bit of support in case it's windy. Molly Sanderson was getting a bit limp, despite a bit of shade from the bigger pots, because it's been so hot but it'll appreciate the cooler temp today. Believe it or not that pot the Ligularia's in isn't terracotta - it's a resin one. Realistic isn't it? Still quite heavy. Wasn't dear- I got 3 of them for £30 at B&Q  with the 3 for 2 offer if you have their discount card.